How Powerlifting Squats Can Help You CrossFit – EPISODE 74

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Do you want the ability to squat a “legit” amount of weight?

 Are you sick of seeing everyone else in the gym out squat you?

 To discover how a beginner, intermediate, and advanced athlete can improve their squat, this episode of the Barbell Shrugged podcast goes where most CrossFitters don’t dare go:  Powerlifting.

 You’ll learn the best set and rep ranges for your current level of ability.  You’ll learn about chains and bands and why you would use them.

 You’ll also learn about specialty bars and how they can help you squat if you’re injured or lack mobility.

Squatting, Foundation of Strength (2:28) Fundamentals to Avoid Injury (3:29) Gym Names (10:32) Types of Squats (12:00) Box & Banded Box Squats (13:18) Benefits of Box Squats Over Other Squats (16:58) Specialty Bars & Variety in Squatting (21:42) Body Type (26:15) Cambridge Squat Bar (29:14) Exercises That Work For You, Natural Cycle (32:05) Chains & Bands (35:58) Fun With Working Out (44:25) Progenex Commercial (48:36) Technique WOD (49:10) Beginner: Sets & Reps (1:00:37) Next Step in Progression of Strength (1:06:45) Pro Athlete Program (1:12:52) Mike’s Programming Changes (1:16:10) Some Parts of Body Don’t Adapted Like Other Parts (1:19:02) Knee Pain, Complementary Movements (1:20:33) One Leg Injury, Jumps (1:23:32) Westside Programming (1:27:31)